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What does an app cost?

What to consider

When looking to develop an app there are multiple factors to consider, which greatly affects the price. Some functionality takes longer to develop, some takes more work to maintain and some features are so innovative that they need to be invented first!

An app can do many things and serve different purposes, so it’s important to think about what your app needs to accomplish.

App tips and help


To make it easier for both us and yourself it is a good idea to sketch out your idea on paper. Try to go through the app as a user and imagine all the screens the user passes through while using the app. Consider, does your app needs to be connected to the internet to retrieve data? Does it need to be integrated in other systems? Or other things your app might require.

Joint Venture

We offer a Joint Venture package where we take on some of the risk and share the reward. This way you can get an app at a very low cost and get an invested partner that is gonna help you succeed!


 Our motto is to make web app development and mobile app development affordable for every business. Hence why we have come up with three packages that suit different needs. You can even upgrade your package once you have enough funds, and we will accommodate you accordingly.

Joint Venture

From 29.000 kr,-


From 99.000 kr,-


From 199.000 kr,-

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