ProfCalculator – Food

A mobile app to calculate profits

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What Is ProfCalculator?

The app ProfCalculator – Food is made for restaurants all over the world to help calculate expenses and profits. The app provides an overview while including all expenses that each product has, and thus helps you decide which products provide the most profit.
The mobile app ProfCalculator – Food is now available on both ‘Apple App Store’ and ‘Google Play Store’.
Profit calculator app development demo
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Benefits Using This App

Save money using this app
Get help with pricing, optimise profits.
Quick overview of your products
Get an overview of all your products together.
Review products and profits.
Overview of prices, time consumption and more.
Recommends the most profitable products
Collect information about which products are most profitable.
Clarify expenses and profits for each product
See how well your products are priced in relation to expenses.

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