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Camino Nomad

Ultimate Companion for Walking the Camino

Together with our parther we are developing an app to make your experience with the Camino better. Our app simplifies planning, navigation, and essential information to make your pilgrimage simple and stress free.

Plan with Ease:

Camino Nomad streamlines your journey. Easily find hotels at every city along the route and personalize your accommodation preferences. Plus, our app calculates distances between cities, allowing you to plan your daily walks based on your desired distance.

Effortless Navigation:

Leave the guidebooks behind. Camino Nomad offers an integrated map with routes and real-time updates on your location. Let our app guide you through the intricate network of trails, ensuring you never get lost.

Key Features

Easy Hotel Booking
Find and book hotels along the route, tailored to your preferences.
Distance Calculator
Plan your walks by easily calculating distances between cities.
Intuitive Navigation
Enjoy hassle-free navigation with real-time updates of your current location.


Visit the website here to learn more.


Looking For Your Own App?

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